DRAGOBETE - The Romanian Love Day

BesoUp until this day, with all the high tech and knowledge sourses we poses, with all the information that we have acces
to, especially online, we haven't been able to discover the secret formula of universal love
still , as a superior intelligent specie as we like to consider ourselves, ignoring perhaps the possibility of being incredible naive in living after this principle, we remain week and in a cute way without defense when it comes to L-O-V-E .... and we discover ourselves, or should I say surprise ourselves when we truly BesoL-O-V-E !!!Beso
We love as we feel, with pasion, desperation, desire, sometimes becoming an addiction ... we love because we are still humans, in this info-tech- bio- era.... and we find ourselves celebrating days for love.... actually, love doesn't need them, but we do need them to remind us that Love Is Not For Granted!!
So my dear visitors, let me introduce you the special ROMANIAN LOVE DAY called DRAGOBETE, an ancient tradition, legacy from the DACIANS . It is celebrated on the 24 of February and yes, IT IS THE ROMANIAN DAY OF LOVE!!!
It is another tradition past away from generation to generation, but unfortunately, we seem to be more receptive to the foreign ones, such as Valentine's Day. It is indeed a pity that we do not have the courage to reveal to the others our believes, because we do have a history and we should be proud of it.
So, dear world, here you have it: Romanians have been celebrating love for centuries, but the media was too slow in making it a brand !!! Therefore.... remember.... do you want another special day to celebrate love? 24 of
GuiñoEnjoy life, don't forget to love and make every day a special DRAGOBETE Day!!! Beso













Visul .... unei priviri inocente

Visul .... unei priviri inocente


in noaptea asta nu ma lupt cu furtunile

in noaptea asta o sa ascult stelele

povestesc frumos si ma adorm

deja am plecat spre Calea Lactee

si ce frumos ploua acolo sus,

doar cu lumini

luminin care sparg gandurile si le aduna din nou

frenetic si apoi intr-un tremur dulce

si vaietul stingher al singuratatii nu mai ajunge gandul

deja visul e prea departe

doar o secunda in univers, atata mai e din visul care usor se spulbera

si iar il cheama inapoi, tragandu-l fulgerat, ochii nebuni de fericire



!! ho-ho-olly molly 2008!!!

!!  ho-ho-olly molly 2008!!!

We did it! Sorprendidowe've put one more year aside!! some of us more sober than others (Hiic!!)Guiño and we've reached 2008! Incredible, fantastic, jumping-joy!!


SorprendidoREmarcable how we turn to celebrate the midnight hour, the moment we are prepairing for the hole year, to reach the final count-down that marks the leap into the future ... one second and bing! bang!

WE wake up changing the year, some of us faster, awaiting for the others to join  the new era !!Chulo

Hopes, dreams, wishes, fireworks, cheers, happy faces, one night when the world celebrates, no matter the culture, rase, country or continent!

And so we have the 2008!! But does this year includes us ?Sorprendido This depends on each of us to make a difference, to mark something in the calendar and to be remarcable!!

So for all of you around the world ( and who are visiting my humble pages)Inocente




   !!! go get yourselves  REMARCABLES!!!Beso



¡¡¡¡ Feliz 2008 !!!!!

¡¡¡¡      Feliz 2008   !!!!!


   Y estén donde estén, no se olviden que sin sueños dejamos de vivir, sin la esperanza somos sólo pobres  

seres, sin luchar por los deseos que tenemos nos convertimos en perdederos, dejando de sentir la vida!!

 Como decía una canción... ¡¡¡ vivir libre, no con las alas cortadas!!!




The Romanian Martisor :)))

The Romanian Martisor   :)))


     1st of March in Romania


     Chulo  And here we are at the beginning at the Spring! the rebirth of the nature, of the human spirit, everything is alive again under th touch of the spring sun!


     Here in Romania, we have a special tradition, Martisor, and  its origins are very old, since  the Dacians, when they celebrated the day of  March 1st.   They believed in amulets, which  protected them the hole year and  brought them luck. Since then we have the symbol of  Martisor, the combination of white and red.   Red symbolized  the Sun, the fire, the passion ,the woman, and white was the symbol of the benefits of water, clouds, winter but also man's intelligence. Brought together.....indeed it had a powerful meening..... Beso


     Today we give this amulets in modern shapes and forms but still in the two traditional colors as an apreciacion, as a celebration of spring and as a lucky gift. without it spring wouldn't be the same for us.... and especially for those who sell them..Riendo

Povestea unei povesti......

Povestea unei povesti......


      RiendoDragii mei vizitatori, care ati ajuns si pe pagina mea, va invit sa va lasati prada imaginatiei si pentru cateva minute ... sa mai fiti copiiSonriente


            ChuloA fost odata un pui de raza.....somnoros se trezea in fiecare dimineata si de abia deschidea ochii.....inca nu era deprins cu atata lumina. Si pe zi ce trecea incerca mai mult si mai mult sa ajunga lumina.... dar ochisorii ii erau prea mici si inca nu avea puterea sa perceapa....Pana cand intr-o noapte a visat ca lumina se in jur totul coborase in intuneric, obscur si mai era nimic doar recele din jur      


              TristeSi se simtea atat de dorea cu atata ardoare doar o mai arate odata ca nu e inca mai are cu cine imparti micimea lui, frantura de lumina ce o impartea....Era un chin pt micut....s-a zbatut  a strigat s-a rugat a implorat.....pana cand...  s-a trezit....L-a trezit mangaierea zorilor de lumina, era lumina in care renascuse....din care isi tragea puterea si dorinta de a straluci si de a-si trimite vointa luminii celei absolute    


                  SorprendidoSe facuse acum nu mai era in intuneric, isi depasise teama ca era neputincios         Pana la urma...un puiut facuse lumina in intuneric....Si steaua devenise astru sa calauzeasca ratacitii .....De vise cautatori...Gasindu-si locul in univers.......Pe bolta, s-a mai scris un destin..........

                                    Destinul micutului lucitor


!!!! Iasi is back on track !!!!

!!!! Iasi is back on track !!!!




Sorprendido Si vestile bune nu inceteaza sa apara Chulo


Better not be in this situation!! :))))

Better not be in this situation!! :))))

The atmosphere was similar with what was going on at the court! Chulo

As you can see the times weren't so nice for some people...Burla That period was a dangerous one......Riendo





Characters from the court of Stephan The Great

Characters from the court of Stephan The Great




I told I will keep you in touch with this event: The Medieval Art Festival "Stephan The Great" take a look what happened there....everything in the medieval style ..Guiño

Ceremonies, music, plays, characters of the court of Stephan the Great, all dressed up, challenges for the

princesses' suitorsSorprendido, simulations of attacks in the fortress...Chulo


But don't cry...just yetBurla...if you missed all this, remember that next year the show will be greater, soo..... book some tickets for

Romania, because in August we have here in Suceava one special festival....until then, I will let the fotos speak...Chulo

!!!!The 3rd Medieval Festival in Romania!!!

!!!!The 3rd  Medieval Festival in Romania!!!

I do not know how many of you heard about the MEDIEVAL FESTIVALS that take place every year in Romania....but for all of you however, I have news...Chulo

Here they come: 11-13 of August 2006 three days of special events brought for all of those who chase the special ocasions of travelling by the FIRST edition of THE MEDIEVAL ART FESTIVAL "STEPHAN THE GREAT" that takes place in SUCEAVA, a city in the NE of ROMANIA...Sorprendido

So if you are fans and want to know a little more about the traditions and customs in the period of the great leader of Moldavia Stephan the Great, take a look!!!Chulo

Stay toon for more details Guiño because I will bring them to you, if you can’t join us!!!

A sexy smile!!!!

A sexy smile!!!!

    This is one of the things that make life worth living: the joy of smiling.... who can resist to such a big, happy, long face???  :))))

 So if you are in the mood, follow his example!!!  I wonder ...who is his dentist ..??..:)))   have a nice day everybody...I certainly will

S.O.S. !!!!!!!!!!North Pole in Romania!!!!!!!!!!

S.O.S. !!!!!!!!!!North Pole in Romania!!!!!!!!!!

  If the Spanish people think it’s cold outside, I have News for them: in Rumania is very cooooooooold,

and I mean temperatures 25 degrees under zero!!!!!!Surprised

It’s so cold, that the Black Sea has frozen!!!!!!!Surprised Now in my country is like at the North


I didn’t think I would live to see something like this!!!! the images speak for themselves

And when I think that soon I have to return friends, beware of the nature!!! and

 stay warm


Cheers for my visitors!!!!!!

Cheers for my visitors!!!!!!


For a new start, for a new beginning, for new visits, for everything that makes us feel alive!

And for my friends in Romania...I´m comming home soon, so prepare yourselves!!!!Cool and soon I will be

leaving Spain...Cry  Very Nice this ERASMUS lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!but, like all that is nice, it has an I have to get used to

 the idea of me not being here for the next...hey!!! who knows what can happen in time???

So ... until I get boooring, enjoy my blog, everyone, everywhere!!! and don´t forget: don´t strees

your brain too much with the exams, because you will need it after!!!Laughing


Ssssssssssttt-- everybody is sleeping here

Ssssssssssttt-- everybody is sleeping here

 What could be sweeter then this moment of silence, where the master and his loyal friend are taking a nap....

all so silent....the child knows how to choose a good, furry bed!!!!! better than the water-beds: this one

is breathing and walking!!! well, good night and sweet dreams, but watch out, it might run away!!

it reminds me of my dog, how I miss having his paws stepping on my feet, so slowly, a biiiiiiiit heavy(80

Kilos), looking so inocent into my eyes, as I was in the process of remaining with no toes!!! maybe

because one time I burned the top of his tail, whith a lighter! but only the hair!!! 

the truth is .... he never confessed this to me



Brancusi de nuevo: La columna del infinito

Brancusi de nuevo: La columna del infinito


      Un hombre que miró al infinito y intentó  conquistarlo

Brancusi...en mi blog: Pajaro en espacio

Brancusi...en mi blog: Pajaro en espacio

A moment of meditation please!!

A moment of meditation please!!

 SmileWatch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become your actions. Watch your actions; they become your habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character for it will become your destiny


 CoolThere is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills


 SurprisedAll that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become


 SmileReality can destroy the dream; why shouldn’t the dream destroy reality?


Watch out America!!!! The birds are commiiiiing!!!

Watch out  America!!!!  The birds are commiiiiing!!!

   My dear  American fellows, as a recent study shows, you have too many windows!!! Surprised and because of them the harmless little birds  die because of the collisions with them! why????? not because they are blind, but because you don’t have any signs on your window!

and one of the ornithologists came up with the perfect solution:all you have to do is place visual clues such as window decals on the window at no more than 5cm-10cm apart!! just as simple as that! think what a horrible death for the wing-creatures!!

Smilewell, as the traffic in the air seams to be a little bit busy these days,it would be easier for the birds if they would have a control tower to guide them: Yellwindow at 2 o’clock!! turn right, turn right, bird nr 10! Laughingthat would be fun to watch!

But until then, you have a serios duty: Yellfight against bird crime!

!!!!Spain & the 7 Wonders of the World!!!!!

!!!!Spain & the 7 Wonders of the World!!!!!

     News Flash:  Spain must be proud!!!! SurprisedNow it has a candidate for the new 7 wonders of the world!!!!! SurprisedBut still, it has to be a

little patient, because only in 2007 we will know the winners of this trophy!!!

    Question: whith what does it candidate??? see answer: ALHAMBRA ( the red castle),  the well-known castle in Granada, a beautiful

place where you can admire the perfection of the lines and curves cut in stone, a true masterpiece of hundreds of years standing as a

proof of man’s gift and talent!!! believe me, I have been there and it is indeed something you have to see!!Cool

  Tips: choose a sunny day and  make a reservation before you go there!!!!! Don’t bet on your luck, you might have some


 !!!!! I had to wait 1h 30min to get a ticket, even with the reservation!!!  and enjoy your tripWink