mi nuevo blog

Visul .... unei priviri inocente

Visul .... unei priviri inocente


in noaptea asta nu ma lupt cu furtunile

in noaptea asta o sa ascult stelele

povestesc frumos si ma adorm

deja am plecat spre Calea Lactee

si ce frumos ploua acolo sus,

doar cu lumini

luminin care sparg gandurile si le aduna din nou

frenetic si apoi intr-un tremur dulce

si vaietul stingher al singuratatii nu mai ajunge gandul

deja visul e prea departe

doar o secunda in univers, atata mai e din visul care usor se spulbera

si iar il cheama inapoi, tragandu-l fulgerat, ochii nebuni de fericire



!! ho-ho-olly molly 2008!!!

!!  ho-ho-olly molly 2008!!!

We did it! Sorprendidowe've put one more year aside!! some of us more sober than others (Hiic!!)Guiño and we've reached 2008! Incredible, fantastic, jumping-joy!!


SorprendidoREmarcable how we turn to celebrate the midnight hour, the moment we are prepairing for the hole year, to reach the final count-down that marks the leap into the future ... one second and bing! bang!

WE wake up changing the year, some of us faster, awaiting for the others to join  the new era !!Chulo

Hopes, dreams, wishes, fireworks, cheers, happy faces, one night when the world celebrates, no matter the culture, rase, country or continent!

And so we have the 2008!! But does this year includes us ?Sorprendido This depends on each of us to make a difference, to mark something in the calendar and to be remarcable!!

So for all of you around the world ( and who are visiting my humble pages)Inocente




   !!! go get yourselves  REMARCABLES!!!Beso



¡¡¡¡ Feliz 2008 !!!!!

¡¡¡¡      Feliz 2008   !!!!!


   Y estén donde estén, no se olviden que sin sueños dejamos de vivir, sin la esperanza somos sólo pobres  

seres, sin luchar por los deseos que tenemos nos convertimos en perdederos, dejando de sentir la vida!!

 Como decía una canción... ¡¡¡ vivir libre, no con las alas cortadas!!!




A sexy smile!!!!

A sexy smile!!!!

    This is one of the things that make life worth living: the joy of smiling.... who can resist to such a big, happy, long face???  :))))

 So if you are in the mood, follow his example!!!  I wonder ...who is his dentist ..??..:)))   have a nice day everybody...I certainly will

Cheers for my visitors!!!!!!

Cheers for my visitors!!!!!!


For a new start, for a new beginning, for new visits, for everything that makes us feel alive!

And for my friends in Romania...I´m comming home soon, so prepare yourselves!!!!Cool and soon I will be

leaving Spain...Cry  Very Nice this ERASMUS lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!but, like all that is nice, it has an I have to get used to

 the idea of me not being here for the next...hey!!! who knows what can happen in time???

So ... until I get boooring, enjoy my blog, everyone, everywhere!!! and don´t forget: don´t strees

your brain too much with the exams, because you will need it after!!!Laughing




 Para todos que visitaran mi blog, enjoy it! Me llamo Gabriela y este es mi nuevo blog. Y para empezar, tengo un anuncio para quien quiere serpapa Noel este ano: busco un perrito como este para regalarlo a una persona muy especial!No es una broma! Asi que espero su respuestas...y os deseo un dia con mucho sol y poco niebla!