Watch out America!!!! The birds are commiiiiing!!!

Watch out  America!!!!  The birds are commiiiiing!!!

   My dear  American fellows, as a recent study shows, you have too many windows!!! Surprised and because of them the harmless little birds  die because of the collisions with them! why????? not because they are blind, but because you don’t have any signs on your window!

and one of the ornithologists came up with the perfect solution:all you have to do is place visual clues such as window decals on the window at no more than 5cm-10cm apart!! just as simple as that! think what a horrible death for the wing-creatures!!

Smilewell, as the traffic in the air seams to be a little bit busy these days,it would be easier for the birds if they would have a control tower to guide them: Yellwindow at 2 o’clock!! turn right, turn right, bird nr 10! Laughingthat would be fun to watch!

But until then, you have a serios duty: Yellfight against bird crime!

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Agustín -

Never thought windows could be a menace to birds... It's amazing how little things for us as windows can be such important for the nature