Ssssssssssttt-- everybody is sleeping here

Ssssssssssttt-- everybody is sleeping here

 What could be sweeter then this moment of silence, where the master and his loyal friend are taking a nap....

all so silent....the child knows how to choose a good, furry bed!!!!! better than the water-beds: this one

is breathing and walking!!! well, good night and sweet dreams, but watch out, it might run away!!

it reminds me of my dog, how I miss having his paws stepping on my feet, so slowly, a biiiiiiiit heavy(80

Kilos), looking so inocent into my eyes, as I was in the process of remaining with no toes!!! maybe

because one time I burned the top of his tail, whith a lighter! but only the hair!!! 

the truth is .... he never confessed this to me



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Agustín -

What a lovely hugue puppy!!