Cheers for my visitors!!!!!!

Cheers for my visitors!!!!!!


For a new start, for a new beginning, for new visits, for everything that makes us feel alive!

And for my friends in Romania...I´m comming home soon, so prepare yourselves!!!!Cool and soon I will be

leaving Spain...Cry  Very Nice this ERASMUS lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!but, like all that is nice, it has an I have to get used to

 the idea of me not being here for the next...hey!!! who knows what can happen in time???

So ... until I get boooring, enjoy my blog, everyone, everywhere!!! and don´t forget: don´t strees

your brain too much with the exams, because you will need it after!!!Laughing


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Nualiacig -

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Jenifer -

Hola, estoy haciendo un trabajo sobre la navidad en rumania. Y te agradeceria si me pudieras ayudar.
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Beutzu -

Gabishor dar esti cam in \\\"high spirits\\\" in poza aia. Vezi k ai licenta cand vii acasa, n ai sa mai ai timp de pahare&nebunii&co.Vei schimba discotecile si cluburile din Spania pe noua discoteca facuta in Iasi, pe nume BCU :))!!!(avizatii o cunoaste)Bafta la succes la examene!

Agusstín -

It's always good to be home. But also being abroad!!