Great events in Romania

!!!! Iasi is back on track !!!!

!!!! Iasi is back on track !!!!




Sorprendido Si vestile bune nu inceteaza sa apara Chulo


Better not be in this situation!! :))))

Better not be in this situation!! :)))) The atmosphere was similar with what was going on at the court! Chulo

As you can see the times weren't so nice for some people...Burla That period was a dangerous one......Riendo





Characters from the court of Stephan The Great

Characters from the court of Stephan The Great




I told I will keep you in touch with this event: The Medieval Art Festival "Stephan The Great" take a look what happened there....everything in the medieval style ..Guiño

Ceremonies, music, plays, characters of the court of Stephan the Great, all dressed up, challenges for the

princesses' suitorsSorprendido, simulations of attacks in the fortress...Chulo


But don't cry...just yetBurla...if you missed all this, remember that next year the show will be greater, soo..... book some tickets for

Romania, because in August we have here in Suceava one special festival....until then, I will let the fotos speak...Chulo

!!!!The 3rd Medieval Festival in Romania!!!

!!!!The 3rd  Medieval Festival in Romania!!!
I do not know how many of you heard about the MEDIEVAL FESTIVALS that take place every year in Romania....but for all of you however, I have news...Chulo

Here they come: 11-13 of August 2006 three days of special events brought for all of those who chase the special ocasions of travelling by the FIRST edition of THE MEDIEVAL ART FESTIVAL "STEPHAN THE GREAT" that takes place in SUCEAVA, a city in the NE of ROMANIA...Sorprendido

So if you are fans and want to know a little more about the traditions and customs in the period of the great leader of Moldavia Stephan the Great, take a look!!!Chulo

Stay toon for more details Guiño because I will bring them to you, if you can’t join us!!!