DRAGOBETE - The Romanian Love Day

BesoUp until this day, with all the high tech and knowledge sourses we poses, with all the information that we have acces
to, especially online, we haven't been able to discover the secret formula of universal love
still , as a superior intelligent specie as we like to consider ourselves, ignoring perhaps the possibility of being incredible naive in living after this principle, we remain week and in a cute way without defense when it comes to L-O-V-E .... and we discover ourselves, or should I say surprise ourselves when we truly BesoL-O-V-E !!!Beso
We love as we feel, with pasion, desperation, desire, sometimes becoming an addiction ... we love because we are still humans, in this info-tech- bio- era.... and we find ourselves celebrating days for love.... actually, love doesn't need them, but we do need them to remind us that Love Is Not For Granted!!
So my dear visitors, let me introduce you the special ROMANIAN LOVE DAY called DRAGOBETE, an ancient tradition, legacy from the DACIANS . It is celebrated on the 24 of February and yes, IT IS THE ROMANIAN DAY OF LOVE!!!
It is another tradition past away from generation to generation, but unfortunately, we seem to be more receptive to the foreign ones, such as Valentine's Day. It is indeed a pity that we do not have the courage to reveal to the others our believes, because we do have a history and we should be proud of it.
So, dear world, here you have it: Romanians have been celebrating love for centuries, but the media was too slow in making it a brand !!! Therefore.... remember.... do you want another special day to celebrate love? 24 of
GuiñoEnjoy life, don't forget to love and make every day a special DRAGOBETE Day!!! Beso













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