!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy New Year everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy New Year everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

Laughing    It’s a bit late , but not so late because the new year 2006 is just a little baby Wink don’t you agree???  I trully hope you had the

best time celebrating these hollydays  with the special ones, as this was the season of peace, joy and happyness, the

perfect moment to meditate a little, to leave the past behind and step in this 2006 with hopes, dreams, and whatever you

wish more!!!!!

and because I do live for now in Zaragoza, Feliz Reyes Magos for the ones who celebrate them, and   !!!!!don’t forget to

make your shoes shine , or else they woun’t bring you presents!!!!!!they put the presents in the shoes, don’t

they?????? anyway, you got the pictureCool

By the way....DID SANTA VISIT YOU LAST YEAR, or have you been too naughty??????Tongue out

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Agustín -

I'm afraid I was with the naughty team... :)

¡¡Happy new year!!