A Cry for Help: Save Willy

A Cry for Help: Save Willy

        Now the film has become reality: the orcas need our help to continue living! These amazing creatures, known as the killer whales,

are now in dangeeeer! because of the man’s nature, a selfish human being, the orcas have overtaken polar bears at the head of the

toxic table. We are practically feeding them chemicals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as a complete they will keep healthy

and happy! Yell what a waaaste!   well, willy, your rights have been denied! and soon we will have  futures Free Willy!  but Remember

Willy! Cry

 Tuff job keeping nature alive, isn’t it?

Well, folks, this was the story of the real Willy! And I am ending  my article by saying in Captain’s Planet style: stop the polution of any

kind..... !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Agustín -

¡¡Happy 2006!!

Agustín -

¿What happened to the fireworks image? I was a great pic!

Agustín -

By the way... I cannot make any comments to your previous post. Maybe there is some problem with Blogia...

Agustín -

It's a pity what we're doing to the nature...